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Organizational development

The Red Cross mission is focused on: preventing and alleviating human suffering especially those caused by natural, ecological and other disasters; participating in the activities for the protective life and health activities; educating the population; encouraging and improving solidarity towards everyone in need of protection and support, social support for the population and protecting the dignity of a vulnerable person.


Montenegro Red Cross exercises the following affairs of public interest (Article 9 and 10 of Law on Montenegro Red Cross):

  • advocates and implements ideas and principles of the Mission of the International Red cross and Red Crescent Movement, as well as international humanitarian law; follows and supervises their application in armed conflict and supports the protection of all victims as well as the protection of human rights within its competencies;
  • organizes education of the population with the Geneva Conventions on the protection of victims of war from 12 August 1949 and with Additional Protocols from 8th June 1977;
  • performs other tasks resulting from the Geneva Conventions and other obligations taken from the international contracts relating to relief assistance;
  • performs the tracing service tasks, so as to gather and record data on evacuated citizens, refugees, internally displaced people and missing persons due to war, natural and other disasters and  catastrophes in peace and war conditions and to trace the missing people;
  • participates in the reception and accommodation of evacuated citizens, refugees and internally displaced people, provides support and takes measures that can contribute to caring for the affected population, refugees and internally displaced people;
  • organizes collecting and distributes humanitarian assistance received from international organizations and other donors, National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies earmarked for humanitarian social needs on the territory of Montenegro, both in times of peace in war;