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Voluntary service



Youth and youngsters

Red Cross volunteers are mostly persons belonging to the categories of youngsters (up to 15 years) and youth (from 15 to 27 years) and are the key bearers of all activities organized within organization.


Strenghten the capacities of existing volunteers and increase the number of new volunteers who will actively participate in development of program activities and the society, in general.


  • Organization of traditional activities and celebration of important Red Cross days; celebration of the International Youth Day and International Volunteers Day;
  • Regular meetings of Commission for Youth and Youngsters;
  • Defining the structure (establishing the rules, communication, ways of work, support and award system) of youth at national and local level;
  • Meeting of youth from all Red Cross local branches;
  • Planned and continuous education of youth, strengthening and expanding the volunteers’ network in all Red Cross local branches through an unique training system (involve certain number of volunteers from youth and youngsters in trainings for Voluntary Blood Donation, First aid, Home care, Disaster response, psychosocial support) and opening the Youth Clubs;
  • Analysis of number of volunteers and the way they are organized, their engagement and involvements, by defining the concept of their work in concrete programs (First aid, Disaster response, Water and ski rescue, Psychosocial support, Home care, etc.);
  • Establishing cooperation with youth from other National Societies, humanitarian and other organizations in the country and abroad;
  • Participation in international and other Youth meetings at national and international level;
  • Creation of educational-promotional material;
  • Sharing information and media promotion of youth activities; volunteer’s promotion and emphasis on the importance of youth’s volunteerism.