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Voluntary service



Tracing service

In line with the national legislation and international conventions, the Red Cross of Montenegro performs tracing service tasks at the territory of the country, both in times of peace and emergencies.

Tracing service performs tasks of informing and locating the victims of natural and other disasters with mass casualties. It collects, records and process the data, provide information on victims of armed conflicts, war prisoners, civil internees, asylum seekers, persons on forced labor, wounded, sick, dead, missing children, children evacuated in other countries as well as children separated from parents, and share it to interested individuals, relevant authorities and organizations.

It also exchanges family messages and connects family members separated due to natural and other forms of disasters.


Provide support to families separated due to natural disasters, migration and wars, and support in receiving information on their family members.


  • Processing request for tracing;
  • Exchange of family messages when this is the only way of communication;
  • Providing phone call services with the aim of restoring family links;
  • Issuing notes on war imprisonments during the World War II
  • Providing support for connecting the families;
  • Implementation of a software solution that will facilitate the finding of a missing person.