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Youth and youngsters
Red Cross implements many campaigns that involve young volunteers (Red Cross Day/week, World HIV/AIDS Day, World Tuberculosis Day/week…).Young and youngsters are involved in many actions (Race for the happier childhood, Solidarity in action…).
According to the data received from the local Red Cross organizations, there are 9 clubs that gathers together Red Cross youth and youngsters. Through this way of gathering, they are implementing the activities; they agree on the future actions, create plans of action and programmes. Youth and youngsters are involved in Dissemination, International Humanitarian Law, Disaster preparedness and response, Voluntary Blood Donation, Psychosocial support, Home care, etc.
Within the activities that are initiated and implemented from the level of the National Society, with the elements of the international cooperation, youth representatives of Red Cross are responsible for many programme responsibilities. Participation in numerous international events contributes to the better cooperation with other National Societies, but also, to the acquirement of new, useful knowledge and skills.
The aim of the work with youth is to increase the number of members and volunteers of the organization, who are the carriers and initiators of the activities in every area. In order to attract new persons who could be involved in the activities of the organization, a new methodology, contents and motivation for youth will be created in the future. We will provide youth with trainings on a regular basis, we will strengthen and expand network of volunteers in every local Red Cross branch, create educational material, improve cooperation with youth from the other National Societies, involve youth in the work of different bodies of a National Society, create data base on volunteers…