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Tracing service
Montenegro Red Cross cannot guarantee the positive result of the tracing, but it will do its best to help.
Tracing service conducts all affairs of informing and tracing of victims of natural and other disasters. It collects, notes and processes the data, provides the information on the victims of armed conflicts, war prisoners, asylum seekers, wounded, sick and deceased, missing children and children separated from the parents, to the interested individuals, authorities in charge and organizations. It exchanges the family messages and connects family members separated due to the natural disasters or other emergency situations.
The governing structure of the National Society recognizes Tracing service as the responsibility of the National Society, as well as the part of network that requires national and local capacity of service providing and international connections.
Tracing service affairs are conducted by:
  • National Tracing service,
  • Local Red Cross organization
Governing board of Montenegro Red Cross created Tracing service Council which monitors the work of the Service, and contributes to the efficient realization of the activities. There are also working bodies, Tracing service Commissions in the local RC branches. Representatives of the working bodies are Red Cross volunteers, who are trained for the work in Tracing service.
Red Cross organizes regular trainings for the staff and volunteers who could conduct Tracing service affairs. According to the available data, there are around 100 trained persons (volunteers and staff).
In order to provide efficient work of Tracing service, normative documents of Tracing service of Montenegro Red Cross imply cooperation with the state authorities, institutions and organizations in the area of health, social protection and education, with the Army of Montenegro, Ministry of Interior, units for civil protection and rescue of population, material and other goods, diplomatic and other offices, with the International Committee of the Red Cross and International federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, and with the other humanitarian, social and health institutions.
As the member of world network for Restoring family links of the International Movement of Red Cross/Red Crescents, Tracing service of Montenegro Red Cross cooperates with:
  • Tracing services of 185 National Societies all over the world,
  • Central Tracing Agency of International Committee of the Red Cross