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Voluntary service



Tracing service
Tracing service of Montenegro Red Cross provides support in restoring family links, for the family members who are separated due to:
  • Armed conflicts of any kind, in any part of the world,
  • Natural or man-made disasters – foods, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, in any part of the world,
  • Population migration due to war conflicts, natural disasters, socio-economic or political changes in any part of the world,
  • And in other cases of unwanted lost of contact that requires humanitarian engagement.
Services provided by Tracing service to the separated family members are the following:
  • It passes the family messages,
  • Activates tracing request for persons of unknown destiny,
  • Issues confirmation on activated tracing request.
Also, Tracing service issues confirmation on time spent in retention or internship during Second World War.
Information given to the Tracing service is confidential and used solely with the aim of finding the missing person. Personal data will not be forwarded to anyone outside the network for restoring family links, without the client’s content.


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