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Voluntary service



Due to the high number of drowning, especially in the summer time, on the rivers, lakes and sea, Montenegro Red Cross started in 1996/97 to organize water rescue trainings for certain number of persons form the most vulnerable areas, such as: Nikšić, Kolašin, Plav, Podgorica and towns from the coastal area. At that time, Red Cross confined the training to the international instructors from Italy.

In the beginning of 1997, Montenegro Red Cross became a full member of the ILS (International Life Saving Federation of Europe). According to that, our National Society, as the only representative of our country in ILS, acquired exclusive right to include water rescue into its regular activities and to implement statutory defined tasks in water rescue and prevention of disasters on water. The same year we started to realize different activities for establishing Water rescue service, as well as numerous activities regarding trainings for trainers. Instructors and our Training centre in Sutomore have the license from the International Life Saving Federation for water rescue. Participants in the trainings can obtain international certificate for water rescue.

Besides main goal of saving lives and one of the main goals for development of Water rescue service, Montenegro Red Cross has the aim to:

  • Carrying out mass preventive measures;
  • Further development of Water rescue service in every community, on every beach and place where there are organized and arranged swimmings;
  • Monitoring and use of international standards in water rescue techniques;
  • Monitoring and use of international standards in medicine as used in water rescue services;
  • Modernizing and providing standard equipment for efficient lifeguards operation in rescue activities;
  • Increasing the number of licensed lifeguards and highly educated and skilled instructors and educators;
  • Development of cooperation with every relevant stakeholder in the society in order to have coordinated, efficient and organized functioning of Water rescue and enabling development of sports activities for lifeguards on water. This could provide constant trainings and promotional contents for recruiting new members;
  • Finding stabile sources of financial support, projects for sustainable development of Water rescue.
Training center for Water rescue provides to the beneficiaries of the beaches, the following:
  • Training for lifeguard (training for new lifeguards and license endorsement for the current year);
  • Providing unique personal equipment for the lifeguards – worldly recognizable colors for this activity;
  • Consulting – assistence in establishing lifesaving service and recommendation for equipment procurement;
  • Assistance in engaging the lifeguards (providing data on lifeguards who are capable to work);
  • Monitoring the work of lifeguards;
  • Promotion of the beaches and swimmings (through promotional campaigns on water rescue).
Water rescue could be very dangerous situation, both for the victims and lifeguard. Only well trained lifeguards, who are in good shape should begin water rescue. Training centre for lifeguard trains and checks the knowledge of lifeguards according to the standards if the International Life saving organization (ILS), an organization that gathers rescue services from all over the world.

According to the plan and programme by ILS, 100 classes (practice, theory, first aid) are foreseen in order to obtain a license of the lifeguard. The training lasts for seven days. The trainings are being organized in the Center for training lifeguards, House of Solidarity of Montenegro Red Cross in Sutomore.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled by the candidates:

  • Certificate on psycho-physical ability (doctor’s certificate)
  • Knowledge and experience in swimming
  • Basic course in first aid
  • Minimum 18 years (for the title lifeguard candidate).

Knowledge and experience in swimming (practical part) comprises of:

  • Breath diving – 20m and more,
  • swimming 50m for 50 seconds,
  • swimming 300m for 6 minutes and 20 seconds.