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Voluntary service



The trainees of Family Center on excursion at Ski resort Vucije

Red Cross of Montenegro, within projects which are financed by Italian Red Cross and European Commission for women of RE (Roman and Egyptian) population, 29th of January, organized a one day trip, at known Ski resort Vucije, close to Niksic.



The trip which became a regular part of the activities at Family Center was organized for Roman women, who are regular visitors of these workshops. In total 30 women visited Ski resort Vucije, to be relocated from camps and for the first time spend time on snow and be able to enjoy the winter magic. The trip was very well accepted by the trainees of Family Center, who had the opportunity to sledge for free, by the virtue of the staff of ski resort. In addition to stay in open, sun and snow, women were enabled a comfortable stay and service at the mountain restaurant, where they told stories of skiing, with a cup of tea or coffee.

Through the project of European Commission, in future women will be enabled more of trips like these, in which they will visit cultural and historical places and get to know geography and history of the country they live in.