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Secretary General of the Red Cross of Montenegro, Jelena Dubak, visited Mayor of Rozaje Municipality

Secretary General of the Red Cross of Montenegro, Jelena Dubak, with associates and Secretary of the Local Red Cross branch Rozaje, Dzemil Ademagic, visited the Mayor of Municipality of Rozaje, Rahman Husovic.

Ms. Dubak presented the planned activities and praised the good relationship established between the Municipality and Local Red Cross branch.

“There is always a space for improvement of joint actions in humanitarian area so we hope that the local authorities will provide even stronger support to our work in Rozaje in the forthcoming period”, said Ms. Dubak.

Mayor Husovic stated that the Local Red Cross branch Rozaje proved to be highly efficient, especially during the pandemic, and that the leadership and volunteers of the organization are acting in service of citizens, especially those most vulnerable ones.

Mr. Husovic added that the local authorities also significantly strengthened the capacities of the Red Cross at local level and that this process will continue in the future period, emphasizing the importance of coordinated work on the field.

During the meeting, it was jointly concluded that citizens of Rozaje, especially younger ones, appreciate the importance and need for continuous humanitarian work, recognizing commitment in the implementation of many humanitarian projects.