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Roma and Egyptians women’s empowerment during COVID-19 pandemic in Montenegro

The Red Cross of Montenegro recently signed a contract on the implementation of the project with the Turkish Red Crescent, entitled: “Empowerment of Roma women and Egyptian women during the Covid-19 pandemic in Montenegro.”

The project aims to contribute to the empowerment of Roma and Egyptian (RE) women living in Montenegro (Konik, Podgorica) and reduce the negative socio-economic impact caused by COVID-19, improving their access to social and health services and employment.

RE woman will be supported in running their businesses and attending educational and vocational courses to increase their technical skills and awareness of health and gender-based violence.

The goals of the project are:


  1. 4 RE women were trained for new knowledge and skills. This goal will be achieved by conducting vocational training for 4 women.


  1. 4 RE women are employed and financially independent. This goal will be achieved by supporting a business incubator run by women.


  1. 70 RE women have increased their awareness of the importance of health care and how to report gender-based violence. Achieving this goal will be achieved by organizing workshops on health promotion and GBV, as well as a door-to-door campaign on GBV prevention (100 women and men)


  1. 50 RE women are empowered and involved in community decision making. This goal will be achieved by organizing visits to governmental and non-governmental institutions in Montenegro and by distributing leaflets (700 RE persons).


The project will last for a year, from June 15, 2021. to 15.06.2022.