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Red Cross Secretary General meets Austrian Ambassador and Unicef’s Representative

The Ambassador of the Republic of Austria H.E. Anna Jankovic, together with the UNICEF’e Representative in Montenegro Juan Santander and representatives of the Institute of Public Health, visited today the settlement on Konik where members of the Roma and Egyptian (RE) population live.

She first met with the Secretary General of the Red Cross of Montenegro Jelena Dubak in order to exchange information about the work of our organization with the mentioned population, primarily in the field of improving the health of the residents of Vrela Ribnicka.

As the Red Cross of Montenegro in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health from 2004 actively works on raising awareness of RE families about the importance of health, through workshops of the Family Center in which the most frequent visitors are women, mothers, mothers to be and grandmothers. The ambassador also expressed her desire to attend one of the prevention workshops and talk to members of the RE population in Konik.

In addition to it, the ambassador and the head of UNICEF also visited RE entrepreneurs, who, with the support of our organization, started independent businesses at the end of last year. The delegation had the opportunity to look at the work of RE entrepreneurs on the spot and talk to them about the way of their business, possible support and plans for the future.

Reminder- in October 2020, the Red Cross of Montenegro supported the opening of a business incubator in Konik, within which 9 RE entrepreneurs started working as hairdressers, tailors, carpenters, electricians and beauticians.