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Voluntary service



Red Cross of Montenegro Days November 29th – December 6th

On 29 November, the Red Cross of Montenegro celebrates 146 of its foundation, as, at that time, the first National Society in the Balkans and 22nd in the world.

Traditionally, in the week from 29 November to 6 December, we celebrate the Days of the Red Cross of Montenegro when the local Red Cross branches organize different activities with the aim of promoting the programes they implement on the field.

During the following Days, in their respective local communites, voluteers will share the knowledge on First aid, introduce the ways of providing support to older persons and other vulnerable groups, they will talk about importance of voluntary blood donation, Disaster response… Within the Days of the Red Cross, we also celebrate two important days – 1 December – World AIDS Day and 5 December – International Volunteer Day. On these ocassions, the general public will have the opportunity to find out more on prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS as well as on ways of volunteering in the Red Cross.

Additionally, within the Red Cross Days, we will distribute the relief item to socially vulnerable families.

Furthermore, on 30 November, the Red Cross of Montenegro will organize the panel discussion on the topic of the International Humanitarian Law and today’s challenges; on 1 December we will celebrate the World AIDS Day where the volunteers will organize workshops and lectures on this topic across the country and distribute condoms; on 5 December we will mark the International Volunteer Day – the day of the most humane people who selflessly contribute their time and skills and who were especially valuable during the Covid 19 pandemic.

In the previous year, the Red Cross of Montenegro achieved the following results:

2.500 citizens educated on basics of  First aid; home care service was provided for 872 older persons by 93 professional home helpers in 14 Municipalities, 50 new professional home helpers trained for work with older persons, Community centers for older people have been established in Bar and Bijelo Polje , in 8 Municipalities volunteers visit this target group and in 5 Municipalities there are Clubs for older people; 3 missing persons cases were solved and more than 120 calls enabled with the aim of restoring family links; 3.500 migrants, asylum seekers and foreigners with granted protection have been provided with humanitarian assistance, psychosocial support, support in accessing rights, they participated in educational and preventive workshops for adults and children and they have been provided with support in the employment process and process of acquiring certain qualifications; 9 members of Roma and Egyptian community were supported with implementing their business ideas through covering the costs of their annual taxes and for 4 women from this community we organize trainings for crafts

With educational activities on health, education and vaccination we covered 700 members of RE community; we supported 122 persons with disabilities through support service life in the community – house visits, psychological support, humanitarian assistance and support in communication with relevant stakeholders, voluntary and physical therapy support and providing service in and outside of house, and provided 106 wheelchairs for those who needed this type of support; we organized training for 10 new motivators for voluntary blood donation and financially supported organization of 23 voluntary blood donation drives, we conducted an online campaign for young people #ddkizazov; 262 volunteers engaged in the vaccination activities; more than 330 children of preschool ad school age educated on Red Cross activities; 571 lifeguards on waters trained and renewed their licensees; 40 volunteers completed the basic training in Disaster preparedness and response while 6 volunteers were deployed in Croatia after the earthquake; Red Cross lifeguards on ski slopes had 330 interventions; in the period from March 2020 until now, we distributed 108.990 humanitarian parcels.