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On 6th April 2022, Red Cross of Montenegro signed the agreement with the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies (“IFRC”) whose main goal was to enable provision of support to refugees from Ukraine in Montenegro.

This support includes different activities such as provision of humanitarian aid to refugees through the distribution of food parcels, hygiene kits and other non-food items, as well as the provision of psychosocial support to the vulnerable population.

The overall aim of the project is to alleviate human suffering and to enable access to the rights guaranteed by the temporary protection.

Montenegro is recognized as safe destination and continuously records high number of Ukrainians and other refugees and people on the move. Volunteers and staff of the Red Cross of Montenegro are trying to respond to the growing needs as well as to enhance preparedness in order to respond to this and similar crises.

Accordingly, the Red Cross of Montenegro has signed an amendment to the existing agreement with the IFRC on 8 August 2022, in order to continue the implementation of current and new activities and services to adequately meet the needs of an increasing number of beneficiaries.

Planned activities:

  • Individual and group workshops related to mental health and psycho-social support for children and adults;
  • Supporting the educational process through language classes for children and adults;
  • Distribution of school material;
  • Distribution of hygiene kits;
  • Distribution of food parcels;
  • Procurement and distribution of non-food items and equipment;
  • Specific activities dealing with the needs of vulnerable groups;
  • Support in exercising rights guaranteed by temporary protection (residence in Montenegro, suitable accommodation, necessary assistance and means of living, health care, primary and secondary education, relevant information on rights and obligations, official procedures, support in integration, work);
  • Restoring family Links;
  • Organizing trainings for volunteers and employees;
  • Establishing a Call center in order to share information faster and easier.