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Mobile teams for mediation in community for persons with disabilities

Project is financially supported by Secretariat for social care of Capital City of Podgorica.

Project includes engagement of professional mobile team (social worker, psychologist and other professionals) that will provide services within mobile team during 2021 for 120 persons with disabilities. The obligation of mobile team will be provision of psychosocial support, facilitate communication with local and national authorities based on the holistic approach to beneficiaries and their needs, in order to strenghten persons with disabilities for more independent life but also for strenghtening family and community life.

Main project goal: 

– contribution for idependence of persons with disabilities and their social inclusion, ensuring the quality of provided services of home helpers, prevention of social exclusion of individuals and maintinaning the life of individuals in their natural community.

Specific objectives of project are: 

– improvment of access to health and social services,

– improvement of access to social services that contribute to their better quality of life,

– provision of individual support.


The mobile team will provide assistance to beneficiaries, but also their family members to acquire new skills that will make everyday life easier and help improve or maintain the existing situation.

Also, the project envisages cooperation with associations, whose representatives, together with the mobile team, will visit beneficiaries on the territory of city of Podgorica.

Visits to all beneficiaries involved in the implementation of the project, providing support in exercising rights within social, child and health care are planned. It will also ensure the engagement of volunteers to support people with disabilities in order to reduce social exclusion.

In addition to psychosocial support, as well as community support, the Red Cross of Montenegro will provide humanitarian assistance to people in need.

Target group:

According to the need assessment conducted by the members of the mobile team, the project will provide individual support for a group of beneficiaries with similar needs according to their disability.

The project plans provision of support for 120 people with disabilities on the territory of Podgorica. Beneficiaries are identified in cooperation with associations for assistance to persons with disabilities as well as the Center for Social welfare. In addition to cooperation with current partner associations, the Red Cross of Montenegro will send an invitation for 4 more associations and organizations on the territory of Podgorica to nominate an additional 5 users per association who will join the support program through mobile teams. Together with the representatives of the association, they will visit all the applications and make an individual needs plan and schedule of visits for each person from the ranking list, which would serve as a guide for further work with users.