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House of solidarity

If anyone had great impressions coming back from seminars, trainings, workshops or summer vacation, it certainly happened upon leaving the House of Solidarity in Sutomore.

This is the place where, as of 1980, bright and young people gathered together and explored creative ideas, the place where you are welcomed by kind hosts, the place that greeted different people and the place where you could have danced and sung until dawn.

House of Solidarity is the place where even a foreigner feels at home, because here, under this roof, everyone is equal.

Today, the House of Solidarity is a modern facility where we organize international seminars, different educational activities, therapy workshops for older people, people with vision impairment, migrants, Roma and Egyptians, but also trainings and meetings of young people, both at national and international level.

If you are looking to organize some of the educational activities in the House of Solidarity, you will find it at the south of Montenegro, in Sutomore, just a minute away from the shore.

There are 220 beds in single, double, triple and multi-bed rooms, which are equipped with AC and bathroom. Meals are served in the restaurant within the House, with capacity of 80 persons.

For the purpose of different educational activities, there are offices, classrooms with audio-visual equipment, as well as big multifunctional plenary room with 100 seats.

For the purpose of recreational and sport activities, there is an outdoor sport ground.

Additionally, the House has the cafeteria, laundry room, big terrace for gatherings and a parking lot for the visitors. You can reach the House of Solidarity by bus (bus station 100 m away), by train (train station 200 m away) or by plane (airport 40 km away).

For all the additional information, you can contact us through an email:

We are looking forward to welcoming you!