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Voluntary service



HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Prevention

First case of HIV/ AIDS in Montenegro was officially registered in 1989. The total cumulative number of registered HIV/AIDS cases by the end of 2008. was 89 (47 AIDS and 42 HIV). According to the estimations from the Institute for Public Health, the number of HIV positive persons by the end of 2008. was 388 (300-500), and regional trends are showing the increased transmission of HIV. Out of 47 persons who are diagnosed with AIDS, 30 died.


Montenegro Red Cross is traditionally dealing with the issue of HIV/AIDS prevention and sexually transmitted disease, and in cooperation with other institutions and organizations who are dealing with this issue, organized different educational activities.


Also, the Goals of the Global Agenda of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, and Montenegro Cross is its member, commit our organization to an active approach in the area of sexually transmitted disease and addiction prevention.


All the activities are focused on the strengthening of voluntary basis in the local Red Cross branches and training of certain number of young people who are actively treating these issues in their local communities as peer educators.