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Voluntary service



Health care for migrants and asylum seekers in Montenegro

Since September 1st 2021, Red Cross of Montenegro has initiated the implementation of the project in cooperation with Ministry of Interior, within the signed Memorandum of Understanding signed between Red Cross of Montenegro and   Ministry of Interior.

The overall objective of the project is increased assistance and protection services to migrants, asylum seekers in Montenegro and their families through engagement with authorities as well as in partnership with other organizations.

Through this project, the Red Cross of Montenegro will focus on health protection and increasing of resilience of migrants and asylum seekers when it comes to health protection, hygiene promotion and first aid particularly in transit camp on Bozaj together with Ministry of Interior.

The specific objective of the project is provision of assistance for access to health and psychosocial services in transit camp on Bozaj.

Activities conducted through the project are:

  • Engagement of mobile team (1 doctor, 2 nurses, 2 case workers and 2 translators),
  • Provision of health service to migrants in transit camp on Bozaj Provision of transportation of migrants to health facilities (in Podgorica, Tuzi, Spuz),
  • Organization of workshops on health promotion, hygiene, prevention of infectious diseases,
  • Organization of weekly team meetings for exchange of information on challenges and follow up of specific cases.

The project is funded by International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent societies and Swiss Red Cross.