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First aid
According to the Law on Red Cross, Montenegro Red Cross is conferred with the affairs of public interest, in whose conducting it has the auxiliary role to the government in the humanitarian field. Besides First aid training for the population in the ordinary and extraordinary situations, the Law specifies training for trainers, First aid training for drivers, as well as first aid trainings for the other target groups (police, firefighters and protection at work).
First aid is the set of procedures and measures that save life and health of the injured person, and it is used on the spot.
The aim of providing First aid is that the injured person as soon as possible arrives at the health center, in the best possible condition. Every person should know how to provide first aid for himself/herself and for the one who needs it. First aid has to be provided as soon as possible, without waiting for the medical staff, because that could be wasting of precious time, and sometimes delay can endanger life of the injured person.
First aid is one of the priority programmes in Montenegro Red Cross. It exists within the other programees, such as Disaster preparedness and response and Water rescue, where every life guard is obliged to pass the firs aid training. We are conducting regular trainings and exercises of the Disaster management teams, which are consisted of the first aid teams, among others, and we organize simulations of a crisis situation (traffic accident, floods, earthquakes, fires), and demonstrate preparedness of a team to provide support in different situations.
The basic rules of first aid are the following: protect yourself and don’t risk your life, and then help the injured persons in a professional way.
First aid training is conducted according to the unique programme, aligned with the European doctrinaire standards in the area of first aid, and programmes and plans for the realistic display of injuries and disease.

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