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Education to inclusion
  • Provision of daily meal for 160 children in kindergartens and preschool, to ensure these children at least, one secure meal, at the same time taking care after their health;
  • Enrollment of children in first grade of town schools was initiated by Montenegro Red Cross and Danish Red Cross, with the full support from Ministry of Education and Science, so that the children who are enrolling first grade could go to town schools, and not to the satellite class that exists in camp Konik II. Montenegro Red Cross provided clothes, shoes, meals, school kits, as well as the assistant in this activity, while the Ministry provided transport for children from/to the camp to/from schools. Montenegro Red Cross did all the preparatory work with the Ministry to ensure realization of this activity. This activity covers 60 pupils in 5 elementary schools in Podgorica. Children are being transported every day to/from school, while Roma assistant represents connection between the parents, school and Red Cross.;
  • Support classes for children from 4th and 5th grade of the satellite class of elementary school „Božidar Vuković – Podgoričanin“, facilitate learning process and home work, having in mind the fact that parents usually cannot support children at home, since they are illiterate in most of the cases;
  • One day excursions and visits to town kindergartens;
  • Provision and distribution of school kits for all children, around 260 children in the satellite class of elementary school „Božidar Vuković – Podgoričanin“, and for 30 first graders in town school.
  • Provision and distribution of hygiene parcels for children in kindergarten and preschool;
  • Preparations for taking exams for the elementary school for the children above 15 years, who lost the right for regular school attendance. After the preparations, children are taking exams at the University of Labor in Podgorica Pripreme za vanredno polaganje razreda osnovne škole djece koja su navršila 15 godina života i samim tim izgubili pravo redovnog pohađanje škole. Nakon priprema, djeca polažu odgovarajuće razrede na Radničkom univerzitetu u Podgorici;
  • Outdoor classes in the House of Solidarity in Sutomore, for the children from 3rd and 4th grade of the satellite class of elementary school „Božidar Vuković – Podgoričanin“,;
  • Open school “Rainbow” – MRC organized non-formal education for young persons, through workshops with different topics: computer, sports, first aid, tradition of Roma people, etc.

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