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Voluntary service



Activities of Red Cross of Montenegro with refugees from Ukraine

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine until  30th of January, 92 547 people from Ukraine entered Montenegro, out of which 7,919 people applied for temporary protection (which is 1.27% of the total population). The Red Cross of Montenegro started to provide its services to the refugees from Ukraine with their first arrivals. Until now, the Red Cross of Montenegro directly supported 3012 persons, while the number of those who received different kind of necessary information and/or referral is much higher.

With the support of the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies, the Red Cross of Montenegro distributed 2560 food parcels, 2560 hygiene kits, 810 baby parcels as well as  1580 sets of clothing .  Furthermore, the Red Cross organized 138 workshops on the topics of mental health and psychosocial support as well as 197 classes of Montenegrin language for children and adults, in 6 local Red Cross branches.

Volunteers and staff of the Red Cross of Montenegro are trying to respond to the needs of refugees from Ukraine, which are increasing every day, in order to make their everyday life in Montenegro easier.

In the coming period, the Red Cross of Montenegro will try to provide the necessary funds for activities carried out with refugees from Ukraine, with the aim of improving their lives in Montenegro.