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World First Aid Day

World First aid Day is celebrated on the second Saturday every September, with the aim of emphasizing the importance of this activity.

This year’s World First aid Day is celebrated on 11 September and it is dedicated to children and young people, educators and students’ parents. The main goal is to teach children and young people how to recognize hazardous situations, how to prevent them and how to react if they happen. Besides children and youth, educators are also the target group as they work with them and thanks to the already established trustful relationship, they can raise the awareness on the importance of First aid.

More than 90% of lives is saved thanks to timely reaction of citizens.

Parents are also in the focus of this year’s World First aid Day, as due to Covid 19 pandemic and increased stay of children at homes, they can explain children how to prevent the injuries and how to react if they still happen.

What is the reason for dedicating this World First Aid Day to children and youth?

The answer lies in the fact that, annually, almost a million of children, more precisely 950 000 lose their lives in traffic accidents, fires and due to drowning. Every year 45 000 children, or 718 daily, aged between 10 and 19, lose their lives only in traffic accidents. Another alarming fact is that every year 4 500 children, or 123 daily, lose their lives due to poisoning.

The main objective is to emphasize the importance of First aid, to educate children and youth, to educate parents and educators who spend the most of time with children, to introduce First aid course in schools, colleges but also to work on risk prevention…

Everyone can learn First aid and it should be available to everyone.

More than 20 million persons globally learn First aid basics every year and we hope that this figure will keep on increasing evert year.

Red Cross of Montenegro organizes First aid trainings for companies, lectures in kindergartens, elementary schools and faculties, trainings for lifeguards on water, First aid local and national competitions and reach around 10.000 people every year in this way.

This figure is lower in the last two years, due to Covid 19, as we were not able to organize mass gatherings and competitions.

In line with that, this year’s World First aid Day will be marked through preparation of material for children in schools that will be available for download. Additionally, there will be public appearances with the aim of emphasizing the importance of First aid and distribution of promotional material through social media.