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Voluntary service



Support to the Roma and Egyptians in the employment process

Through the projects „Construbution to the social inclusion of RE through education and employment activities“ and „Establishment of the business incubators for the most vulnerable groups- RE in Konik“, supported by joint program of EU and Montenegro for employment, education and social welfare and Italian Red Cross, Social Help desk activities (support to Roma and Egyptians in the process of employment) have been conducted in Konik.

Previously trained Red Cross staff and volunteers in the area of provision of adequate support to the most vulnerable groups, organized by the Italian Red Cross, are providing assistance to RE from Konik in accessing labour market throught different kind of activities (assistance in writting CV’s, updating the data base of persons actively searching for jobs, information about job opportunities and information in regards to the programs for education of adults, in support for running the business incubators etc).

Our plan is to continue providing support to better integration of RE in Montenegrin society.