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Voluntary service



Organizational structure
Montenegro Red Cross is a unique, independent and voluntary humanitarian organization that functions at the territory of Montenegro, as the only recognized Red Cross National Society in the country.
Montenegro Red Cross is consisted of Red Cross organizations at the municipality level, 23 organizations that function as legal entities, in total – 19 local RC branches, City Red Cross organization of Podgorica, Red Cross of the Old Royal Capital and two city Red Cross organizations.
Statutes of Montenegro Red Cross and statutes of its organizations set the scope and way of functioning, way of organizing, membership and other issues relevant for the Red Cross work.
Membership in Red Cross is voluntary and Red Cross is open for member and volunteers regardless of their origin, language, race, nationality, age, sex, religioous or political believes.
Red Cross member could be any individual who accepts the Statute of the organization; fundamental principles and mission of the International Movement of Red Cross/Red Crescent, and who pays the membership fees on a regular basis.
Membership of Red Cross is comprised of: volunteers, subscribing members, donors and honorary members.
The governing bodies of the Montenegro Red Cross and its constituent parts are: the Assembly, Governing board and Finance board.
The position of the President of Red Cross is voluntary.
Secretary General manages the work of Montenegro Red Cross.
The governing bodies of Red Cross establish permanent or temporary working bodies for coordination and implementation of programme activities; Commissions, Coordinating Boards, Councils.
The Headquarters conducts administrative, technical and other business for the needs of bodies and working bodies of Montenegro Red Cross.
The Headquarters is consisted of two organizational units: Section for programme tasks, general and financial-material affairs, within the Headquarters, and House of Solidarity in Sutomore.
Twenty two employees are conducting affairs within the Headquarters, at the moment, and Secretary General is managing the work of the Headquarters.
Volunteers of the organization are involved in performing programme tasks of the organization.
Legal position of Montenegro Red Cross organization is defined by the Law on Montenegro Red Cross („Official Gazette RCG“no: 28/06).
Red Cross is an independent and voluntary humanitarian organization that functions according to the Principles and Mission of the International Movement of Red Cross/Red Crescent; it enjoys special protection and assistance of the state of Montenegro and conducts conferred affairs of public interest.
In conducting affairs of public interest, Red Cross Red Cross has the position of an organization being auxiliary to state bodies in the humanitarian area.