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History of Montenegro Red Cross

Montenegro Red Cross was founded in 1875, as the first Red Cross National Society in the Balkans and 22nd in the world. With the beginning of conflict situation in Herzegovina in 1875, known as Nevesinje rising, Montenegro Red Cross started to fulfill its mission. The large number of refugees had to leave their homes, and they came to Montenegro, which was, at that period, much smaller and poorer.

On the secret meeting with the leaders from Herzegovina, held on Lovcen Mountain, July 26th 1875, Prince Nikola agreed on providing support to the rebels. In August the same year, a Board for providing relief to the vulnerable from Herzegovina was founded. The Board consisted of seven members. Just upon the foundation, the Board invited foreign doctors to come to Montenegro and to organize hospitals in Grahovo, Zupa Niksicka, Drobnjaci, Savnik and Andrijevica.

The first official data on displaced population from the Turkish territory was published in the „Glas Crnogorca“(„The voice of the Montenegrin“), in October 25th 1875. According to these data (two months after the rising began), there were 47 207 refugees in Montenegro. According to the official data, published in the Montenegrin yearbook „Orlic“for 1875, there were 10 818 families in Montenegro, consisted of 62 496 members.

With the ratification of Geneva conventions on wounded in November 17th (29th) 1875, Montenegro became 22nd member of the International Red Cross Movement.

International Committee of the Red Cross from Geneva, sent its delegation-mission to Montenegro on December 1875, and provided advice for the newly founded Red Cross Society.

Just after the signing of Geneva Convention, Montenegro Red Cross Society was founded in Montenegro and Archimandrite Visarion Ljubisa was its first President.

Mitropolit_Ilarion_Roganovic Arhimandrit_Visarion_Ljubisa

Mitropolit Ilarion Roganović Arhimandrit Visarion Ljubiša