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Voluntary service



Distribution of New Year’s packages to kids of Roma population from Camps Konik

Red Cross of Montenegro will on Wednesday 24. of December at 10 o’clock, at camp Konik 1, organize distribution of new year’s packages for the kids of RE (Rom and Egyptian) population, preschool and school ages. 

Packages, which are for 12 years now traditionally donated by Rotary Clubs of Montenegro in cooperation with Rotary Club from Southampton (district 1110) will be distributed to the kids of preschool ages who are attending “open kindergarten” at both Camps. Same group of kids will get additional New Year’s packages, which Red Cross of Montenegro secured through the project which is financed by Danish Red Cross.

To students of 1st to 7th grade of city schools „Savo Pejanović“, „Marko Miljanov“, „B.V. Podgoričanin“, „21. maj“, „Vuk Karadžić“ i „Vladimir Nazor” new year’s packages which were secured by Red Cross of Montenegro will be distributed.

New Year’s packages will be distributed to the students of Satellite Section of Elementary School „Božidar Vuković Podgoričanin“that are going to 3rd and 4th grade.

At the distribution present will be General Secretary of Red Cross of Montenegro, Madam Jelena Dubak as well as representatives of Rotary Clubs of Montenegro.