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Dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and International Humanitarian Law

Dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and International Humanitarian Law




Dissemination, as international obligation of every state signatory of Geneva conventions form 1949 and Additional Protocols from 1977, is conferred to Red Cross organization which has a permanent task to spread the knowledge on the basis of the International Humanitarian Law and Fundamental Principles of the International RC/RC Movement, with the ultimate goal to protect greater protection of the war victims and other vulnerable persons.




Also, the obligation of advocacy and promotion of the humanitarian values and rules of the International Law is defined by the Statute and other Movement documents.




The unique Strategy and annual Plans of actions for the Disseminations prepares Dissemination Centre, and ratifies Governing Board of Montenegro Red Cross.




Dissemination coordinators from the Local RC branches conduct unique plans and programmes, as well as specific programmes for the local community.




The unique approach for the dissemination is provided in a way that Dissemination Centre of Montenegro Red Cross has the exclusive right to train new disseminators, and to organize and plan trainings, but of course, by engaging disseminators from the local community, and by respecting requests and needs of the respective local RC branches.




This way of organization enables Montenegro Red Cross to provide complete coordination of dissemination activities, with much less material means.




Dissemination of the Fundamental Principles of Red Cross and IHL implies:


  • Spreading the knowledge of IHL and Fundamental Principles of Red Cross Movement, promotion, advocacy and spreading the idea of humanitarian values comprised in these documents;
  • Spreading the knowledge on the RC emblem, rules of use and protection of emblem;
  • Promotion of humanitarian values and exploring IHL, as the new form of dissemination among youth;
  • Spreading the knowledge on the content of human rights, types of human rights, to whom they refer to, who they protect and in what way.

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